The future of market research has already happened. The market dominated by large research companies is changing before our eyes, and surveys for money are part of this change. Just like Uber changes the way we use transport services, research panels offering online paid surveys change the way we conduct market and opinion research projects.

The Internet has already changed many areas of our lives. It facilitated communication, but also enabled the automation of many tasks and areas. More and more things can be done without leaving home. Currently, there is virtually no bank that would not provide its services online. has changed the entire hotel industry. Esky or Skyscanner services have changed the way of searching and booking airline tickets.

Surveys for money

Companies such as Uber, Blablacar, Airbnb, or MyPanelLab allow their members to earn from providing various types of services. In the case of MyPanelLab, the service is information collected in the form of an online survey. For this information (completed survey) panel members receives remuneration. Membership in the panel is voluntary and completely free. Each completed survey means you earn points and they are added to your account. As you earn 12.50 EUR you can easily withdraw collected money via the PayPal account. Each time the earnings depend on the length and subject of the survey and can amount to as much as 4.5 EUR for a single completed questionnaire. Not bad.

Getting started

To start earning you only need a computer or mobile phone with access to the Internet and an email address. You can create mail box for free, for instance at Google Gmail. Paid online surveys are practically the only service of this type that does not require any investment to start. It also does not require complicated procedures to get started. Registration requires a minimum of information to start. After that, you will be asked to complete the so-called profile of the panelist. Basing on this information, surveys will be selected and send to your mailbox.

About MyPanelLab

MyPanalLab is an EU company operating in the research sector. We are part of the Swedish group CINT AB, one of the largest and fastest growing research groups in the world. The panel operates since 2014, in Poland, the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Norway, and Singapore. Our panel members take surveys for money. Every day, we collect feedback using online surveys and questionnaires from thousands of registered members all around the world.