This time, we will not write about earning, but about saving. Saving money is just as important as multiplying it. We will share with you six proven ways how to spend wisely and not overpay.

Save on payments abroad

Are you going on holidays. You pay by card. The bank will convert your money automatically at a fixed rate. In most cases, you will not be happy with it. Differences between the buying and selling rate of a given currency are so-called spread. Services such as Revolut allow you to optimize costs associated with the spreads. This way you can save up to 5 – 8% on every transaction carried out abroad in a currency other than the currency of your bank account. Another, though less convenient way are online currency exchange sites such as Cinkciaz, here also the differences between the buying and selling rates are very small and more money is left in your pocket.

Save on insurance

Use insurance comparison websites such as Rankomat. In this way, you can save up to several hundred zlotys on car or flat insurance. Do not wait with the purchase of insurance until the last moment.

Negotiate prices

You plan to buy a car, negotiate the price. Wait until the end of the year and check which models will appear on the vintage sale. Usually, such sales start already in November / December.

Last minute shopping

If you can wait with the trip to the last moment, do it. Last minute offers can be cheaper by up to several hundred zlotys from the same offer purchased in the standard period.

Cheaper travel and airline tickets

Compare prices. You can easily do it using such services as Skyscanner or Esky. Travel on shorter distances using Blablacar or Uber. Ride a bike. The bike is not only for free, you’re also exercising, so you take care of your health.

Buy on sales

Saving money on sales. This way you can save up to 30 – 70% on purchases of clothes or sports equipment. Sale of clothes is seasonal – spring, summer, autumn, winter. After each season, the stores get rid of the collection to make room for new goods. It’s the perfect moment for shopping.