Paid surveys behind the scene. We are revealing the secrets of online survey panels and tricks to make more money online on paid surveys. Read our article and learn how the MyPanelLab research panel works.

The first stage is the recruitment and registration of panellists.

For this purpose, the panellist fills out a short online form. At this stage, we also make the first verification of the panellist. This is done by filling in the panellist’s profile on our website.

Remember. The better and more accurately your profile is, better chances we have to find right online surveys for you. More surveys means more money.

Second stage. Recruitment of panellists for specific research project.

We work with many research agencies, companies and organizations on various markets, including Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Norway and Australia. Before the implementation of each study, our partners prepare the research brief. It is document that describes how many responses are needed, how long the survey is, where the data will be collected (Country), and what are requirements for the sample, e.g. we are looking for car owners who owns the cars that are not older than 3 years.

Remuneration for the survey depend on the questionnaires length of and the complexity of the study. We always pay for your time. The longer the survey, the more you can earn.

Third stage. Implementation of the study.

After confirming the feasibility of the study, we start sending invitations. The customer never receives the panellist’s data from us. Only anonymous answers are provided. He will get completed questionnaires, but with no personal data. In other words your personal information is always secure.

Our panel meets the requirements of the EU GDPR and ESOMAR.

Remember to fill in the questionnaires as soon as you receive it from us. Do not postpone it. The first-come-first-served rule works. Research projects are always contracted for a specific number of responses, e.g. 1000 people aged 18 – 65 from London, Dublin, Glasgow and Cardiff. After collecting 1000 responses, the survey is automatically closed and subsequent respondents will see a screen with the information that the survey has already been completed.