MyPanelLab is one of the biggest online research panels operating in EU. Today it has gained a new / refreshed look. The panel page is now fully responsive, which will facilitate the use of the website on screens of various resolutions and sizes, including tablets and mobile phones. This is very important because more and more people connect to the Internet through a mobile phone.

Mobile is taking the edge

It is estimated that almost 60% of the population * in the world by 2020 will have and used smartphones to communicate and use the Internet. The number of smartphone users has already exceeded the number of pc / laptop users. Online surveys are always carried out mainly on computers, but this proportion also changes.

Every day, hundreds of panelists complete surveys and share their opinion using mypanellab. Many of them do it using cell phones. This is a great convenience. Completing surveys is also possible through a mobile application (on Android and iOS). After logging in to the application, all you need to do is find the mypanellab research panel and the paid surveys we provide.

Better online help

We’ve supplemented our online help system with frequently asked questions. There is also a blog where we will write about new products on the site, new ways to earn money online, new ways of saving, and everything that happens in the research industry. We hope you will like this form of communication.

If you want to join us and register in the mypanellab research panel, you can do it here.


About MyPanelLab

MyPanelLab is a research panel that allows you to earn money by completing paid online surveys. We are part of the Swedish group CINT AB. Our website is used by thousands of users around the world. The panel operates in more than 10 countries (Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, India, Norway, Singapore). Registration in the panel is completely free. Zero formalities and commitments. Just email. If you do not like the panel, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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