1. Online surveys

This is by far the easiest way to earn quick and easy online money. It is not an option to become a millionaire, but the effort is really small and paid surveys websites can allow you to earn a nice sum of money online every month.

Before registering in the questionnaire, make sure that the registration is free. It is also good if the service itself is part of a larger research group. For example MyPanelLab is part of the Cint AB group. This gives a real chance that the surveys will be really a lot, and what is connected with it is also a lot of money-earning opportunities.

2. Work as a freelancer

Freelancer. Specialization in a specific field gives you the opportunity to earn money from anywhere in the world. The most popular professions among freelancers is a photographer, copywriter, translator, programmer, graphic artist.

You can sell your photos online on Shutterstock or Fotolia. Remember to add only files that are high resolution and good quality. Only such photos can count on success.

3. Youtube

Recently, creating your own YouTube channels has become more and more popular. If you have a hobby or passion and you like to talk about it, the perfect way to earn money for you. YouTube enables you to earn money with AdSense. The business model is simple. The more people visit your channel, the more money you will earn.

4. Running your own blog

Running your own blog gives you similar opportunities to YouTube, but it requires less effort. All you need is an idea, the ability to write texts and draw or look for an appropriate illustrations for them. You can find these for free, for example on Pexels or Pixabay. You can earn money by placing ads, working with brands and online stores, and writing sponsored texts. You can create a blog, for example, on WordPress or Wix.

5. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Crypto-currencies trading have recently received tremendous interest. The value of Bitcoin itself in the last year has grown almost 10 times, and currently for a Bitcoin on the Bitbay exchange, you have to pay almost 20,000 USD. This way of earning is also associated with high risk. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies can grow very fast, but they can also fall as fast. We highly recommend people who choose this form of earning.